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Nutty Ham and Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Nutty Ham and Cheese Tea Sandwiches

1 recipe Pecan Brown Butter (see Download for recipe)
24 slices pumpernickel bread, cut into acorn shapes*
24 slices Virginia ham, cut into acorn shapes*
12 slices deli-sliced fontina cheese, cut into acorn shapes*

• Spread approximately 2 teaspoons Pecan Brown Butter onto 1 slice bread. Layer 2 slices Virginia ham and 1 slice fontina cheese. Top with 1 slice bread.
• Spread approximately 1 teaspoon Pecan Brown Butter onto top one-third of sandwich (to resemble an acorn cap).
• Repeat with remaining ingredients to make 12 sandwiches. Serve immediately.


 *For testing purposes, we used a 2½-x-3½-inch acorn-shaped cookie cutter.

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