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Key Lime Pie Mini Trifles

Key Lime Pie Mini Trifles

2 cups Vanilla-Bean Custard (see Download)

3 tablespoons Key lime juice  

2 tablespoons lime zest  

2 cups graham-cracker crumbs  

1/4 cup sugar  

2 cups Whipped Cream (see Download)  

Garnish: 2 thin slices lime, quartered  

• In a medium bowl, combine Vanilla-Bean Custard, Key lime juice,

and lime zest, mixing well. Set aside.

• In another medium bowl, combine graham-cracker crumbs and


• In 8 miniature trifle dishes, layer half of graham-cracker mixture,

half of custard, and half of Whipped Cream. Repeat layers with

remaining ingredients.

• Garnish with lime slices, if desired.

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