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Pickled Okra Roll-Ups

Pickled Okra Roll-Ups

18 spears pickled okra
½ cup spreadable cream cheese, divided
2 (9-inch) sun-dried-tomato flour tortillas
6 to 8 thin slices deli smoked turkey breast

• Cut ends and tips from okra spears (Step 1). Blot okra dry
with paper towels. Set aside.
• Spread 2 tablespoons cream cheese over each tortilla
(Step 2).
• Place 3 or 4 turkey slices over cream-cheese layer of each tortilla
(Step 3).
• Spread remaining 2 tablespoons cream cheese over turkey
layer of each tortilla (Step 4).
• Starting at end of tortilla closest to you, place a row of 3 okra
spears (Step 5). Make another row of okra spears next to
the first row (Step 6). Place another 3 spears on top of initial
row (Step 7). Roll up tortilla away from you, pressing firmly
to keep okra spears together (Step 8). End with seam side
• Using a serrated knife, cut off ends of each rolled-up tortilla
to make a neat cylinder approximately 6 inches long (Step
9)*. Cut cylinders into 6 slices (Step 10).

*At this point, cylinders can be wrapped tightly with plastic wrap
and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few
hours. When ready to serve, unwrap, and continue with remaining
recipe directions.

Pictured with Ham and Green Tomato Piccalilli Tea Sandwiches

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