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Ham and Green Tomato Piccalilli Tea Sandwiches

Ham and Green Tomato Piccalilli Tea Sandwiches

2 cups ground fully cooked ham steak (approximately 3/4 pound)

6 tablespoons green tomato piccalilli*  

1/4 cup mayonnaise  

1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper  

 6 slices firm sandwich bread**  

• In a mixing bowl, combine ham, piccalilli, mayonnaise, and

black pepper, stirring well.

• Spread 1/4 cup ham filling on 1 bread slice. Top with another

bread slice, and spread with another 1/4 cup filling. Top with

another bread slice. Press gently together to form a stack.

• With a long, serrated bread knife, cut crusts from each side,

discarding crusts. Make 4 vertical cuts and 1 horizontal cut

to produce 8 finger sandwiches. Repeat with remaining bread

and filling.

*For testing purposes, we used Howard’s Green Tomato Piccalilli,

but any variety of green tomato pickle relish will work.

**For testing purposes, we used Pepperidge Farm Sourdough

Sandwich Bread.

Pictured with Pickled Okra Roll-Ups

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