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Apple-Cheddar Tea Sandwiches

Apple-Cheddar Tea Sandwiches

1 cup cold water
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
12 very thin slices Honeycrisp apple
24 (2-x-2-inch) slices firm white bread, toasted on one side, divided
12 slices sharp white Cheddar cheese
Young pea shoots or microgreens
Butter or mayonnaise (optional)


• In a cup, combine water and lemon juice. Add apple slices, and
drain well.
• Place 12 bread slices toasted side down. Top each bread slice with a
slice of cheese, cutting cheese to fit, if necessary. Top cheese layer
with a slice of apple and pea shoots. If desired, spread a thin layer
of butter or mayonnaise on untoasted side of remaining 12 bread
slices. Place bread slices toasted side up on top of pea-shoots

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