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Be of Good Cheer

Photography by Kimberly Finkel Davis



There was a time when the sounds of the season could be heard in every neighborhood and on every corner as the holiday drew near. Caroling parties would travel from street to stoop in hopes of sharing the joy of Christmas through the ageless songs that herald its coming.

And as is so often the fashion, everything old is new again. Caroling parties are a returning trend in communities across the country—a poignant reminder of the power of nostalgia and the magic of Christmas. Why not help preserve this precious tradition by organizing your own caroling event? All that’s needed is eight to ten neighbors and friends, printed copies of the lyrics for each song, and, of course, a refreshment or two to reward those willing to sing for their supper. A tea party will add to the communal sense of revelry and bring a note of elegance to the occasion.

Create a festive tablescape to echo the fun time you and your friends will have caroling. Bright pops of color, seasonal fruit, and green wreaths tied to the backs of each chair provide a beautiful backdrop for a holiday tea party.


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