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In Praise of Jane Austen

By Stacey Norwood
Photography by Kimberly Finkel Davis
Styling by Lindsey Keith Kessler

The literary world was introduced to one of its great lights on December 16, 1775. Though, in an irony Jane Austen no doubt would have appreciated, that face would remain unacknowledged universally for at least a century after her death.

Of her personal life we know little, save what historians have gleaned from personal letters and first-person accounts from loved ones. Of Miss Austen’s unparalleled wit and clever sensibility, however, we know a great deal. The authoress, who famously vowed to “let other pens dwell on guilt and misery,” began writing plays for her family’s amusement as a child and had progressed to novels by age 14.

Tea played an important role in Jane Austen’s daily life, and it is frequently and affectionately mentioned in her manuscripts. And so we can think of no more fitting tribute to the beloved author than a birthday tea party in her honor. We have created a setting inspired by the era during which she lived. We invite you to join us as we raise our teacups in a loving toast.


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