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Scones & Tea

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Henry James said, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Although many tea enthusiasts concur, most would add that tea simply would not be the same without its companion, the scone. Scones turn the average pot of tea into a special, beloved event. Both tea and scones bring out flavors and nuances in each other, making them a quintessential pairing. Accompanying butter, spreads, or creams can enhance a scone to perfection. Scones & Tea contains over 100 recipes designed to inspire cooks, delight guests, and transform even the most casual tea experience into a memorable and an enjoyable one.

Both sweet and savory varieties of scones, including gluten-free options, grace the pages of this book. In addition to traditional favorites like Sour Cream Scones, others with creative flavor combinations such as Butternut Squash Scones and Lime-Coconut Scones are included as well. A dollop of Summer Lettuce Pesto or Three-Citrus Curd can boost flavor, as well as beautify a place setting. Readers will learn about tearooms around the country that have agreed to share their coveted scone recipes and expertise. These professionals, along with members of the TeaTime test kitchen, reveal their estimable advice and offer pointers on how to create a flawless scone.

No matter the occasion, palate, or location, there is a scone recipe within these pages that will please even the most particular tea drinker. The serene and beautiful indulgence of teatime should be embraced, not ignored. Discover new teas while sampling different scones and determining what tea complements which scone. Allow the sensational recipes in this book to bring happiness to any tea party—whether a large and extravagant ceremony or a simple table set for one.


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