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Flowered Ice Bowl

Flowered Ice Bowl Recipe

1 large glass mixing bowl
1 medium glass mixing bowl
Edible flowers and greenery (such as hibiscus blooms and
    asparagus fern)

• In large glass mixing bowl, pour 1½ to 2 inches of cold water.
Place in freezer.
• Once ice has formed, remove bowl from freezer and center
medium bowl inside. Secure bowls together with masking
• Add cold water between bowls. Arrange flowers and greenery
in water. Add additional water between bowls, leaving a
1-inch border at top. Place in freezer for several days.
• Remove tape, and run warm water over bottom of large bowl
to remove ice bowl. Store in freezer until serving time.

Note: If hearty flowers such as roses and daisies are used, ice bowl
can be made 2 weeks in advance.

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