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Celebrate Sweet Spring

At last, spring has arrived. Pleasant breezes replace frosty winter winds, vibrant hues of green cover the landscape, and flowers blossom in a rainbow of colors. It is the season of revitalization and renewal.

What better way to usher in the season than with a spring-themed tea? Lighter green and white teas or tisanes are ideal for the freshness of the season, particularly the blends with floral notes such as lavender or rose. Pull back the curtains in the room to allow cheerful sunshine to wash the table in light—after a chilly winter, the glow of a spring day is simply enchanting.

Reflect the season’s spirit with a colorful pastel palette. A shimmery pink overlay on the table infuses the whole room with a soft hue reminiscent of early-morning light. Sky blue crystal offers a crisp, refreshing burst of color, and butter yellow candles with polka dots mirror the shades of pretty spring blooms.

Delight in the details that truly symbolize spring—floral china is suggestive of an English garden in bloom and beautifully complements a vibrant arrangement of bright pink daisies and creamy pink, yellow, and white roses. Silk butterflies alight here and there on the table for an unexpected, fanciful touch that completes this bright tablescape.


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