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January is National Hot Tea Month

We think tea is worth celebrating and sharing, especially in January. Here are some suggestions to mark this special month.


• Host a tea in your home. Invite at least one person who has never experienced afternoon tea.


• Give the gift of tea. Place your favorite tea in a pretty cup, and present it to a friend who isn't an avid tea drinker.


• Try a new flavor, blend, or type at least once a week. To ensure the best taste, pay special attention to the recommended water temperature and infusion time.


• Treat yourself to a high-quality tea, such as an oolong. Although these teas are more expensive ounce for ounce, you can steep the leaves multiple times, making them cheaper cup for cup.


• Have a tea tasting. Prepare three or four teas to sample. Our staff once tasted different brands of Earl Grey tea. It was interesting to note the flavor variations.


• Keep a tea journal. As you try different teas, write down your impressions.


• Visit your local tearooms. If you have even one in your area, you are most fortunate. Please support it.

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