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World Tea Expo Founders

George Jage recognizes a good idea when he sees it. More than 10 years ago, someone suggested he organize a trade show for the tea industry. After extensive research, George discovered an emerging community of tea wholesalers who lacked a sense of identity. So in 2003, he launched Take Me 2 Tea, the first North American tea trade show. Now known as World Tea Expo, the show has become a global marketplace for the tea industry.

George and his wife, Kim (who serves as sales and marketing director for the Expo), are riding the wave of a renewed interest in tea in the United States and around the world. “Tea is on fire with consumers, and World Tea Expo is ‘the big bang’ that keeps fueling businesses, helping them profit and grow from tea,” says George.

“Tea is more than 5,000 years old, but it’s still new for many people, evolving and winning over new customers in the market,” Kim adds.

The tea industry is creating fresh trends, reaching multigenerational audiences, and experimenting with infusions, blends, and tea types. “World Tea Expo showcases these innovations and ‘what’s next’ in tea, teaching the industry how to capitalize on all the unique opportunities—through in-depth training sessions, industry experts, and a dynamic exhibit floor that gathers the global industry,” says Kim.

On the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center, World Tea Expo brings together the top tea businesses from more than 50 countries in more than 200 booths, showcasing the latest innovations in the tea industry. Highlights of the three-day event include the 2013 World Tea Expo Best New Product Awards; the 2013 Tea Infusion Challenge; the North American Tea Championship Winners Tasting Circle; and the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony.

The most comprehensive educational event in tea, World Tea Expo also features more than 30 conference sessions, including hands-on skill-building workshops, focused tastings, and technical education. The entire curriculum covers the latest industry developments, answers current business challenges, and provides real take-away solutions for professionals. And, of course, it provides plenty of networking opportunities.

The 2013 World Tea Expo is set for June 7–9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The trade show is open to people involved with tea-related businesses. For more information, go to worldteaexpo.com.

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