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Peach Meringue Parfaits

Peach Meringue Parfaits

¼ cup chopped fresh ripe peaches
½ cup peach nectar
¼ cup crumbled vanilla meringue cookies*, divided
½ cup whipped cream†, divided
Garnish: 6 fresh peach slices

• In a small bowl, combine peaches and nectar, stirring to coat.
• In 6 (4-x-1-inch) glasses, layer in each 1 teaspoon cookies, 1 teaspoon peaches with nectar, and 2 teaspoons whipped cream. Repeat once.
• Garnish with a peach slice, if desired. Serve immediately.

*For testing purposes, we used Miss Meringue cookies.

†For testing purposes, we used Reddi Wip.


Pictured with Red, White, and Blue Blondies

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