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Afternoon Tea

There’s something about a three-tiered stand that makes afternoon tea memorable. Perhaps it’s the appeal of having within easy reach a tower filled with delectable foods to be leisurely savored while sipping a cup of tea. Or maybe it’s the elegance and formality the stand lends to the occasion. For the hostess, there’s also the convenience of serving all the courses at once, which allows her to focus on her guests and engage in meaningful conversation.

Yet, it hasn’t always been easy to find tiered stands. Though ubiquitous in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, these tri-level servers fell out of favor for many decades until afternoon tea regained popularity in the late 20th century. Nowadays, with the resurgence of teatime, tiered stands are making a comeback.

In Afternoon Tea, we have provided menus suitable for three-tiered stands and for the most-celebrated special occasions. Additional recipes for scones, savories, and sweets are included to further enhance the menus or to create your own teatime menus tailored to your guests’ preferences or the theme of your event.

To accompany these delightful treats, we have recommended tea pairings for each course of the menus. And our guidelines for steeping tea will explain how to prepare the various types of tea and give tips for successful infusions.

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