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Tea Celebrations

In a day and age when we seem to move at far too fast a pace, teatime invites us to slow down and savor some of the best things in life—relationships, food, and tea.

The traditions of teatime allow us to reconnect with friends and family in ways that are deeper, more personal, and certainly more memorable than quick electronic exchanges via text message, e-mail, and social networks. Spending time around the tea table affords us moments to listen and share, not just to hear and talk. We notice the sparkle of joyful eyes and detect the sorrow in others. We encourage. We comfort. We laugh. And most of all, we celebrate the importance of relationships.

Tea Celebrations offers delightful tea menus for eight annual occasions that draw us to our tea tables. From New Year’s Day to Christmas, the holiday afternoon teas depicted in these pages are filled with delicious recipes created by the talented professionals in TeaTime’s test kitchen. A few of the dishes are classics that have appeared in the magazine but are far too good to allow to fade from our memories and our palates. Most of the recipes in this book are new, however, inspired by these special events and served in beautiful settings that are sure to spark your own creativity.

Of course, the quality of the tea served is as critical as the complementary flavors each selection adds to the meal. Our expert tea pairings for the various courses of each menu are included to set your mind at ease as you host your next party. Because there are different ways to prepare each type of tea, we have also provided steeping guidelines to ensure a successful infusion.

Whatever the occasion, Tea Celebrations will inspire you to host a beautiful and flavorful afternoon tea that will allow you and your guests to savor memorable moments together. Ultimately, those are the ingredients for the perfect tea celebration.

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