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A Feast for the Eyes

Summer is the season of temptation. So ample is summer in its richness of color, texture, scent, sound, and more that the longing to simply pause and plunge headlong into each passing sensation is all but impossible to withstand. Who can resist such temptation?


In a season when even time seems more abundant, when the minutes seem to slow to a molasses-sweet crawl, why not surrender to the splendor that surrounds you? Such beauty, to be found in every flower bed and in every garden, is a sublime supplement to the tea table, where solace and pause for reflection are not “shoulds” but “musts.”

Creating a tablescape that honors the pageantry of summer begins with colorful layers of linens offset by delicate porcelain and an abundance of freshly cut flowers. A handcrafted, fruit-filled topiary is a fetching centerpiece that lends a fragrant seasonal note.


Add to this lovely scenario a scrumptious plate of bite-size treats, a pot of tea, and a favorite read and you have the trappings of a gloriously tranquil summer afternoon—the sweetest kind of indulgence. Even if your only company is none but your novel and a long stretch of afternoon, so be it. Such is summer—enjoy! 


Click here to view a slide show of this summer table setting. 

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