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Celebrating Tea

Celebrating Tea: A Collection of Menus & Recipes for Teatime 

(Hoffman Media LLC, 2006) This book is out of print.



An insightful someone once wrote, “Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea.” Carrying that ingenious notion one step further, toast and tea can so easily be a celebration. The delightful beverage that proffers comfort and kindles conversation is the perfect foundation for a myriad of menus that feature everything from simple scones to delightfully decadent sweets and scrumptious savories.


Celebrating Tea is the consummate guide for teatime entertaining. While offering creative and complete menus for a collection of imaginatively themed tea parties, this treasury also tenders numerous tips and suggestions for ease of planning and success in orchestrating your own tea events. Every accomplished hostess knows there is no substitute for careful forethought and that her greatest reward is the delight her guests express when thorough planning results in a most memorable occasion.


Within these pages, discover a wellspring of creative ideas for table settings, floral arrangements, and charming accessories that will turn a moment in time into a memory for all time. Pairing treasured heirloom silver and china with lovely linens and expressive floral designs provides a worthy backdrop for the exceptional tea foods featured in Celebrating Tea. While these recipes are extraordinarily delicious, the exquisite presentation alone will have guests in awe of their thoughtful and gifted hostess.


From the elegant English Garden Tea to the whimsically festive Snowflake Fairy Tea to the cozy Fireside Tea for two, the only predicament you will encounter is deciding just which one to present first. Each is unique, each is captivating, and all are guaranteed to dazzle.


Settle in, sip a steaming cup of tea, and savor the experience with the turn of every beautiful page.


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