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Tips & Techniques
A Cup of Kindness
"Auld Lang Syne" urges us to show kindness to those in need. What better way to do so than with a cup of tea?

A Harvest of Beauty
A vibrant, handcrafted flower arrangement makes a simple yet elegant statement. Learn how to create it step by step.

A Monthlong Celebration
January is National Hot Tea Month, and we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you commemorate the occasion.

Chair Embellishments
If you want your guests to feel welcome at your next gathering, decorate their chairs. Our slide show provides a plethora of ideas.

Creating a Tea Menu for a Three-Tier Tray

Check out our tips for creating teatime menus that are sure to please.


Edible Flowers
Flowers can add color, fragrance, and flavor to a dish, but not all flowers are edible. Find out which blooms are safe for your teatime.

Egg-ceptional Eggs
This year, try your hand at dyeing eggs with tea and tisanes. Our step-by-step instructions will inspire you.

Napkin Folding
The humble, often overlooked napkin gets a makeover with these elegant yet simple ways to create beautifully designed folds.

Toasts for Tea
Use a toast as a penned personal note for each person attending your tea or perhaps just for the guest of honor.

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