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Tea Wares
Butter Pats
Decorative yet functional, these diminutive plates were sized to hold an individual portion of butter to accompany the requisite bread served at most meals.

Coin Silver: An American Original
Invented by desperate colonial silversmiths as a last-ditch method for use in practicing their craft, coin silver is a highly sought-after collectible.

From Salt to Soup
Spoons come in all sizes and shapes.

James Robinson Antiques
Exquisite tea wares from bygone eras

Personal Touches: Iced Tea
These Teatime-staff favorites will help you enjoy the pleasures of iced tea all summer long.

Seasonal Spoons
Christmastime calls for beautiful flatware.

Silver Tea Strainers
A necessity when brewing loose-leaf tea, a gleaming silver strainer also adds a touch of elegance to the tea table.

Sugar Tongs
Fashioned both simply and ornately in gleaming silver, sugar tongs are necessary implements at every tea table.

Tea Infusers
The evolution of steeping

Tea Trays
The tiered tea tray pairs practicality and style in a delicate pyramid design, allowing easy serving and creative display.

From pretty to practical, teacups of different styles, patterns, and colors help make the tea experience special.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, teapots are highly collectible useful treasures with a fascinating history.

The Art of Collecting: Five O'Clock Teaspoons
Roberta Parker explores the world of five o'clock teaspoons in all their patterns

The Cutting Edge
Knives for the Tea Table

The Tea Table
Before the silver teapot, before the heirloom china teacups, before the finest Irish linens, there comes the very foundation for a proper tea service: the tea table.

Uniquely Curious Serving Pieces
The tea table sparkles with delicate china and sterling silver. In addition to the usual tea service and utensils, there are some unusual pieces that catch your eye. What might they be?

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