5 Stunning Teapots for Summer

Treasured Teapot: Silver in the Summer

The adaptability of WM Hutton & Sons’ WMT22 sterling teapot makes it a becoming accessory for a variety of summertime celebrations.

Dating to 1800, WM Hutton & Sons—originally called William Hutton—had a very humble start as a silverware firm in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Once the company had established itself as an important player in the silver industry, William Hutton, its eponymous founder, moved the business almost 100 miles north to Sheffield. Throughout its 130-year history, the family-run manufacturer developed a variety of wares, including the WMT22 teapot. The ribbed body and intricately designed shoulders of this piece, along with the contrasting geometric handle, create a versatile adornment that can be used for a stylish summer soirée or a casual celebration.



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