7 Amazing Strawberry Desserts


As summer approaches, everyone looks forward to fresh, local strawberries. Here are seven of our favorite strawberry desserts—made with fresh berries or the convenience of strawberry jam. Delight your guests by serving one of these amazing strawberry desserts this season.


  1. Oh my!! I have been a tea drinker my whole life, all 63 of them, I think. Tea Time comes, and I even rub the covers as if I can touch the beautiful items on them. I have ordered from the tea companies and others that advertise, and I have never been disappointed. Pleas don’t ever change, except maybe print oftener. ☕️.

  2. When I saw “Tea Time” magazine quite a few years ago at the store, I bought it, and started a subscription. Love it, and the articles and photos were beautiful. Then the magazine went away and I was devastated. I received a invitation to subscribe again when, “Tea Time”, was being printed again. I love this magazine, love the recipes, and have used many. Congrats for winning the :Best”, Tea magazine…I agree!!

    • Linda, we’re so glad you like our magazine, but we’re puzzled by your comment. TeaTime began publishing in the fall of 2003, and we have been continuously published since then. There never was a time when “the magazine went away.”

  3. I too love Tea Time and while I love tea, I do drink coffee in the morning (sorry!) But I love my tea, cold or hot, mostly hot though! And I love to get and read Tea Time from cover to cover. Thank you so very much for an absolutely wonderful magazine!

  4. Teatime is such a lovely magazine! These strawberry desserts look really yummy! Linda is probably thinking of Victoria magazine, because they did stop publishing it for a few years then brought it back with the original format, which was a wonderful surprise!! Thanks to Phyllis Hoffman DePiano for ALL the Lovely magazine she publishes!! I was especially thankful for Southern Lady when there was no Victoria – it filled a need for beauty in my life! 🙂 Blessings!


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