8 Inspiring Autumn Tablescapes

7. Perennial Adornment
While Frank Smith Silver Company’s 2830 sterling teapot can be a year-round ware, let it shine at your table bedecked in a variety of harvest hues. Set Frank Smith Silver Company’s 2830 teapot at a table adorned with the flourished design of Charles Field Haviland’s Chantoung accoutrements paired with thin, gold-trimmed dinner plates, subdued sage linens, and tortoiseshell flatware for your seasonal gathering. For a bolder more colorful aesthetic, accentuate the stunning shine of the silver teapot with a beautiful floral tablecloth and the complementary hues of Minton’s Caliph teacup and saucer sets. 


  1. Thank you so much! This is all so beautiful;
    from the photographers work to the article written.
    What a refreshing treat, thanks again.


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