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More Than Just Tea at “The Tea Box”

Text by Jane Pettigrew • Photography by Stephen DeVires Some tearooms are just simply tearooms. They serve tea, they sell tea, and they may even teach a...

About Black Tea

Black tea, which can be single-estate, blended, or flavored, is the most popular tea in Western cultures.
Tea & Caffeine

The Buzz About Tea & Caffeine

Text by by Bruce Richardson With tea consumption on the rise, more and more tea drinkers want to know all about tea and caffeine. Unfortunately,...
New York's Chinatown

Buying Tea in Chinatown

New York's Chinatown offers an abundance of tea choices for tea lovers.

Bright Lights Beckon Tea Lovers

In New York’s Theatre District, afternoon tea is flourishing.
Ducklings SO 13

Taking Tea in Boston

In Boston, a city known for a famous 1773 tea party, havens for taking tea are abundant again.

June Is National Iced Tea Month

Serve iced tea at your next afternoon tea gathering this summer.
Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea

By Lorna Reeves • Photography by John O’Hagan Sri Lanka, which lies just 19 miles off the southeastern coast of India in the Bay of...
Puerh tea

Tea’s Origins: China

China is to tea what France is to wine. The tea bush Camellia sinensis (meaning Chinese varietal) is named in honor of tea’s ancient country of origin.
Amani Tea

A New Way of Tea at Amanzi

By Jane Pettigrew • Photography by Stephen DeVries When people seek advice about where to go for afternoon tea in London, the answer is easy—book...

Latest Recipes

Pumpkin Patch Tea

Pumpkin Patch Tea

Blue Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Blue Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Reuben Swirls (front) and Butternut Squash Tartlets (back)

Butternut Squash Tartlets

Cinnamon Scones

Cinnamon Scones