A Hanukkah Tea in Sparkling Blue and Silver

Hanukkah tea place setting

For the menu, we wanted a fresh and creative take on traditional Jewish fare. We made Onion–Poppy Seed Scones, and our savories course featured Zucchini Latkes and Lemon Crème Fraîche, Israeli Salad in Pita Cups, and Salmon and Roasted Red Pepper Finger Sandwiches.

The sweets tier of our Hanukkah tea tray comprised Caraway-Spiced Winter Fruit Compote, Orange-Glazed Mini Bundt Cakes, and Cinnamon-Walnut Tartlets with Cinnamon Whipped Cream.

A tea party is the perfect way to turn a holiday into a truly special occasion. If you’re looking for ways to mark the Festival of Lights, we hope this Hanukkah tea inspires you with fresh ideas for celebrating life’s miracles.

Get the recipes, with tea pairings from Harney & Sons on the next page:



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