A Taste of Yorkshire

Stamfrey Farm Organics in Yorkshire

West Rounton
Northallerton, North Yorkshire
44-1609-88229 • stamfrey.com

When clotted cream became the essential accompaniment to warm, freshly baked scones, it was available only from dairies in the southwest of England. Today, Yorkshire afternoon-tea aficionados can buy theirs from Stamfrey Farm in West Rounton, a small village in the north of the county. Sue and Angus Gaudie have been making clotted cream since 2002 using milk from their organically fed herd of 110 cows. Sue explains, “Originally, clotted cream was made when people didn’t have fridges, because cooking cream increased the shelf life. We take the cream off and cook it over water in a bain-marie. The evaporation causes the sweetness in the cream, and you get the crust on the top and that lovely smooth, velvety texture.” Although Stamfrey Farm clotted cream is not available by mail order, it can be enjoyed at many Yorkshire tearooms and hotels, and it is every bit as delicious as any from the West Country.

Contributing Editor Jane Pettigrew is an international tea expert, who has written many books on the subject. A former tearoom owner, she is a much-sought-after consultant to tea businesses and hotels, a conference speaker, and a tea educator. Jane is the first recipient of the World Tea Award for Best Tea Educator. Although her travels take her around the globe, she resides in London.



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