Afternoon Tea in Bermuda

Afternoon Tea in BermudaTHE DOCKYARD PASTRY SHOP
12 Dockyard Terrace • Sandys MA01
441-232-2253 •

Patrons who visited the Dockyard Pastry Shop after it first opened might have fallen in love with the shop’s signature treat—a moist, crescent-shaped almond cookie dipped in dark Swiss chocolate. If they were to visit again, they would surely search for that unforgettable cookie on the three-tiered tray, only to be disappointed not to find it there. But don’t worry, says owner Joerg Rudolf. “Yes, it started out in a crescent shape,” he says, “but it has evolved into a heart shape today. It’s the same cookie, and our customers love them.”Afternoon Tea in Bermuda 

Joerg, a Swiss pastry chef who has called Bermuda home for more than three decades, opened his restaurant in 2011, in a historic 200-year-old building at the Royal Navy Dockyard. He serves breakfast and lunch every day, and although his afternoon-tea service draws tourists during cruise-ship season, he says it’s the locals who make up most of his customers. “We really appreciate them,” he says, “and they even come from all the way in St. George’s, more than an hour’s drive to the other end of the island.”

Besides Joerg’s famous heart-shaped cookies, tea service at the Dockyard features scones with cream and jam, an assortment of pastries made daily, and traditional sandwiches like cucumber or smoked salmon with cream cheese.

Afternoon Tea in Bermuda
Joerg Rudolf (left) creates delectable treats while his wife, Esther (right), and friend Paula Siese attend to the shop’s customers.

If the “liquid sunshine” (rain) or the summer heat makes sitting inside more pleasant, tea is served in the upstairs tearoom, which can also host tea parties for large groups. But if it’s pleasant outside, tea is always served in the garden.
“You can sit under our large umbrellas and enjoy the breeze while being surrounded by the beautiful hibiscus hedge,” he says. “You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a European café.”


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