Afternoon Tea in Bermuda


Afternoon Tea in Bermuda
Photo courtesy of The Fairmont Southampton

101 South Shore Road • Southampton SN02
441-238-8000 •

Perched atop one of the highest points in Bermuda, the Fairmont Southampton offers stunning views in every direction—including from the Jasmine Lounge, where afternoon tea is served daily.

Afternoon Tea in Bermuda
Photo courtesy of The Fairmont Southampton

When guests order tea service, it’s not just any tea they’ll enjoy. The Fairmont Southampton serves the Fairmont’s own proprietary blends crafted for the luxury hotel chain by Toronto-based Metropolitan Tea Company. As they relax in the
cushy armchairs in the lounge or on the breezy outdoor terrace, patrons will have a choice of Eclipse, a trio of Indian, Chinese, and Sri Lankan black teas; Organic Egyptian Chamomile, an aromatic herbal tea with apple notes; or Organic Cascade Peppermint, an herbal tea made with sun-dried mint leaves from the Cascade Mountains. These teas are the perfect accompaniments to the hotel’s signature chocolate-dipped strawberries, pastries like Chocolate Opera Cake or Strawberry Tart, and sandwiches such as Tomato Mozzarella or Cucumber and Dill Cream Cheese.

Afternoon tea in the Jasmine Lounge is available to locals, tourists, and hotel guests, but those staying on the concierge floor get their own private, “more casual” version of traditional afternoon tea—with an even more stunning view.

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From TeaTime January/February 2017

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