Afternoon Tea on the Move

Afternoon Tea on the Move
Photography Courtesy of Good & Proper Tea Company

Good & Proper Tea on Wheels
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When Emilie Holmes decided to set up her Good & Proper Tea Company, her plan was to start by serving tea from a van that could be driven to places where people needed a really good cup of tea. Much better to take tea to the people than wait for the people to find the tea! So, she bought a 1974 Citroën H van, raised over £14,000 on Kickstarter in one week, and converted the van into a travelling tea shop. After spending hours tasting teas, she chose ten high-quality varieties and headed off to her first allocated parking spot at London’s Kings Cross Station, an area popular with upmarket street vendors and now a permanent pitch for the van from Tuesday to Friday. On other days, the Citroën takes up residence at different street markets, fashion events, rock concerts, classic car boot sales, and food festivals where Emilie serves her usual offering of beautifully brewed teas and hot toasted organic crumpets with organic butter and jam or melting cheese and delicious onion chutney. The teas are brewed in glass pots using timers and water at the correct temperature delivered from a Marco Uber boiler. When leaf and liquor have been separated once the brew has reached the perfect flavour, the pots are placed on little hot plates to keep warm. The selection usually includes Ceylon or Assam, Darjeeling, Jade Tips (Mao Jian), Yellow Gold Oolong, or fresh mint. The pairing of tea and crumpets is so perfectly English that it is really hard to resist, and the steady queue of eager customers is testimony to its timeless appeal. Emilie’s van has been such a success that she now also has a tea bar in central London.

Contributing Editor Jane Pettigrew, an international tea expert, who has written many books on the subject, is recipient of the British Empire Medal. A former tearoom owner, she is a much-sought-after consultant to tea businesses and hotels, a conference speaker, and an award-winning tea educator. Although her travels take her around the globe, she resides in London.

From TeaTime May/June 2017

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