An Easter Tea Menu

Sweets Course

Easter Tea Vanilla-Tangerine Panna Cottas and Honey-Almond Pound Cakes
Vanilla-Tangerine Panna Cottas and Honey-Almond Pound Cakes from our Easter Tea

The sweets course begins with a steaming cup of China Oolong Fine Ti Kuan Yin and Vanilla-Tangerine Panna Cottas served in a collection of vintage teacups decorated with flowers. Next comes Honey-Almond Pound Cakes garnished with fresh strawberries.


  1. Thank you for featuring an Easter menu. This one is beautiful. However, I was very disappointed that you did not even acknowledge Easter in your March/April magazine. Since the Queen’s birthday is celebrated in June, perhaps that would have been a better month for her, and you would have been able to put Easter in it’s rightful place.

    • Gina, if you are a longtime TeaTime reader, you may have seen the many features we have done about Easter in the past. This year, for a one-time event, the Queen’s 90th birthday, we decided to devote the entire March/April issue to celebrating Great Britain. But we featured an Easter tea online the week before Easter. Rest assured, we did not intend to slight Easter or disappoint you. And we have already planned our Easter feature for the 2017 March/April issue.


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