An Introduction to French Tea


If it’s a combination tearoom and tea shop you desire, you can’t beat Mariage Frères. With more than 500 teas on the menu, this veteran world-class tea purveyor has multiple locations. Each has endless shelves of tea canisters and an interesting tea museum to keep you occupied while you wait for a table. 

France was one of the first European countries to adopt this Asian brew, but tea has never been as synonymous to French culture as it is to British routine. Tea in Great Britain is often taken for granted; the country has a set pattern for brewing a few well-known teas. But the French are more open to finding and embracing the best teas and tea traditions from around the world. On a recent trip to Bordeaux, I found tea shops touting iced teas and one tea blender creating wine-flavored tea blends as a nod to the legendary vineyards found across that region.


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