The Art of the Fan

The Art of the Fan Tea

In days gone by, a fan was more than just a way to cool off. A coy glance over the edge of a gently fluttering fan was a tasteful way for a lady to let a gentleman know he had caught her eye. We’ve borrowed some of that elegance for our tea party. Artfully folded napkins embellish each place setting, while thinly sliced cucumber on canapés carries the theme through to the menu. Guests will love practicing their techniques with lacy fans they can take home as party favors.


  1. Hi- I enjoy your magazine! Would it be possible to include some lactose/dairy free recipes some time? Some finger sandwiches and scones/cookies or other sweet treats would be great in lactose free recipes for those who have this allergy.
    Thank you!

  2. Lovely tables decorated with charm and good taste.
    continue to inspire the art of special touches on tables.

    cristabell R West


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