Bigelow Tea

Photograph by Jim Bathie

By Lorna Reeves • Photography Courtesy of Bigelow Tea 

Colorful foil pouches of Bigelow Tea’s many flavors seem to be everywhere—in restaurants, hotel rooms, and grocery stores. Company president Cindi Bigelow, granddaughter of founder Ruth Bigelow, is proud of this feat. Cindi’s grandmother developed Constant Comment, a Ceylon black tea flavored with orange peel and spices, in 1945. For almost 30 years, it was the only tea the Bigelows produced—its recipe such a closely guarded secret that to this day, only family members make it.


  1. I have been a longtime fan of both Constant Comment and Plantation Mint teas and enjoy them most mornings!

    It was a part of growing up in my family – and remains today!

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

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