Bunny Napkin How-To

Bunny Napkin How-To

Recreate the charming napkin fold found in our March/April 2023 issue with the simple steps below. It is sure to make a lovely addition to your Easter tablescape!

Napkin Fold 2Step 1

Fold napkin in half then fold in half again (to get a long rectangular shape).


Napkin FoldNapkin Fold

Step 2

Crease in half to create a center line; fold top outside corners down along this line.


Napkin FoldStep 3

Fold bottom outside corners up to meet at the center line.


Napkin FoldStep 4

Fold left and right points together to meet at the center line. 


Napkin Fold

Step 5

Flip napkin upside down and over. Turn up the bottom point. 


Napkin FoldStep 6

Fold the left and right corners back and flip the napkin over. Tuck one corner into the pocket of the other.


Bunny Napkin Fold

Step 7

Straighten/pull apart bunny ears and open up base on the front side of the napkin.


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