Burdett’s Tea Shop & Trading Company

Burdett’s menu offers an array of loose-leaf teas to accompany Tea for Two.

The conversion came about when Hilly Wyne-Smith, one of the first female Black Hawk helicopter pilots in the United States Army, visited the tea shop in 2004 while stationed at nearby Ft. Campbell. She had learned about tea from her world travels and had begun blending and selling it under the Rosehaven Quality Loose Teas label. “She began packaging it for sale at the tea shop and for us to use, and it started catching on,” explains Sandy.

“People started ordering pots of tea and asking about the different kinds.” Gradually, the tea shop phased out Twinings and switched exclusively to Rosehaven, with the menu featuring a variety of black options, several greens, a couple of oolongs, and some fruit infusions. Russian Caravan, a smoky black tea with a hint of bergamot, is the best seller. And to make sure the taste of the teas is consistent, staff use exact measurements for each kind when they prepare it, whether it is served by the cup or in a 2-cup or a 6-cup pot.



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