Burdett’s Tea Shop & Trading Company

Tea for Two features three tiers of made-from-scratch tea fare.

Tea for One and Tea for Two, which include a pot of tea, are always on the menu, along with lunchtime fare like salads, soups, quiches, and sandwiches. “On the tea plates, we feature a raisin scone with cream and jam, a ham-and-cheese scone, cheese and crackers, as well as fresh fruit,” says Sandy. “And we include two sandwiches—usually chicken salad and egg salad—and three of our bite-size desserts.”

The scone recipe, which is the base for all those offered, came from a friend’s “three old-maid English aunts,” she explains. Over the years, the tearoom’s bakers have experimented with different flavors, including cherry-almond, apple-cinnamon, s’mores, and praline-pecan.

Sandy insists that everything be made from scratch, even down to the bread (from Schlabach’s Bakery in Guthrie, Kentucky) used for the tearoom’s sandwiches. “If we don’t make it in-house, somebody we know makes it,” she says.

At Burdett’s, children can also order a tea plate. Little ham sandwiches, fresh fruit, and cheese and crackers, as well as two petite desserts, are presented on a single stand. “The children just love that!” she says.



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