Tealuxe: Serving Up More Than Just a Great Pot of Tea

Tealuxe: Serving Up More Than Just a Great Pot of Tea

Long before tea bars and tea lounges were considered hip and trendy, Tealuxe was winning over college students and business people alike with loose-leaf...
Tea Amo

Tea Amo

The traveling tea trailer that could Text by Katherine Cloninger When an affinity for tea, a vintage trailer, and an unstoppable mother-daughter duo come together, an...
The Jasmine Pearl

Heather Agosta and Chuck Bauman: Deeply in Love with Tea

Text by James Norwood Pratt • Photography Courtesy of The Jasmine Pearl “In the mid-1990s, I began working at a Portland bookshop called New...
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts' Lot 35 Tea

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ Lot 35 Tea

By Lorna Reeves • Photography by John O’Hagan The name “Fairmont” has long been synonymous with terms like “historic,” “luxury,” and “afternoon tea.” It is a...
Harney-Opener JA 11

Harney & Sons Tea

Making tea is a family affair with royal rewards at Harney & Sons.
Cozy Up

Cozy Up: Crafting a Tight-Knit Tea Community

Text by Britt E. Stafford • Photography by John O’Hagan Even in this digital age, the art of knitting remains popular among men and women...
Harney & Sons

Elyse & John: The Love Story Behind Harney & Sons Teas

Text by James Norwood Pratt • Photography Courtesy of Elyse Harney Elyse and John Harney are still a team, even now, several years after John’s death on...
Lipton Tea: Direct from the Gardens to the Cup

Lipton Tea: Direct from the Gardens to the Cup

Thomas Lipton revolutionized the tea industry in the 1880s by purchasing his own tea gardens and eliminating the middle man.

Teatime and Wimbledon = The Perfect Pairing with Highland Gourmet Scones

Teatime and Wimbledon—two time-honored British traditions that might not seem to go together, but both started within a few decades of each other. The...
Stephen Twining

Meet Steven Twining

Today Stephen Twining serves as director of public relations for Twinings, the venerable British tea company that his seven times great grandfather founded in 1706.

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