Teatime in Ireland

Contributing editor Jane Pettigrew takes us on a tour of Ireland at teatime.

Tea in New Jersey, the Garden State

Explore the tearooms in northern and central New Jersey.

Finding the Way of Tea in Pasadena

Take a delicious tea adventure in Pasadena, California.

The Tea Experience in Central Michigan

Central Michigan offers some great opportunities to view beautiful fall leaves and sip and savor a cup of tea.

Reviving Tea Dances

Jane Pettigrew revels in the revival of British tea dances.
Quebec sidewalks

Teatime in Québec

With gourmet food, charming sidewalk cafes, and fashionable salons de thé in nearly every neighborhood, vacationing in Quebec is like a trip to France—without the transatlantic plane ticket.
Ducklings SO 13

Taking Tea in Boston

In Boston, a city known for a famous 1773 tea party, havens for taking tea are abundant again.
New York's Chinatown

Buying Tea in Chinatown

New York's Chinatown offers an abundance of tea choices for tea lovers.

New Twists on Afternoon Tea in London

International tea expert Jane Pettigrew explores some of the quirkier options of afternoon tea in London.

Tea Treasures in the English Countryside

Some of England’s best tearooms are tucked away in small towns.

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