Battenberg Cake

How-To: Battenberg Cake

Our Chocolate and Vanilla Battenberg Cake is an old-fashioned cake that requires a little time and effort to put together. Just follow these steps...
TeaTime ND14 Cover

The Story Behind the Cover

Our November/December 2014 cover features an elegant pound cake, garnished with citrus fruit.
TeaTime Sept/Oct 14 Cover

The Story Behind the Cover

For our September/October 2014 cover, pumpkins rule the day.
TeaTime May/April 14 Cover

The Story Behind the Cover

Putting the kettle on for a good cause in the United Kingdom.

Take a peek at our September/October issue

Here's a sneak preview of what's in store for readers in our September/October 2015 issue.

Botanic Place Cards

Download and print these lovely botanic place cards.
TeaTime Mag Jan/Feb 14

The Story Behind the Cover

The china on our January/ February 2014 cover is out of place in time.

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