Bow Tie Tea

Bow Tie Tea

A suave and stylish teatime is an impeccable way to honor Father’s Day. Accompany this masculine themed menu with delicious tea pairings from Simpson & Vail to...
Porch Tea

Porch Party Tea

As the days grow longer and May fades into June, there are few places better for a casual tea luncheon than a shady porch. Savor...
Rose Garden

Tea in a Rose Garden

Is there anything truly more beautiful than a summertime rose? Invite your loved ones to enjoy the wonders of the summer garden with an intimate...

Royal Tea

Some people are born to the purple, and a lucky few marry into nobility. The rest of us, however, can experience the regal treatment...
Springtime Flowers Tea

Springtime Flowers Tea

We can always count on the blossoms of spring to bring a smile to our faces. Crocuses and tiny snowdrops enchant us with their burgeoning blooms....
Plan a Festive Tea Brunch

Plan a Festive Tea Brunch

Break the tradition of serving tea in the afternoon with a midmorning gathering that is sure to start your day off right. Spectacular tea-size brunch fare...
Bird-Watchers' Tea

Bird-Watchers’ Tea

Welcome our fine-feathered friends back to the neighborhood. A Bird-Watchers' Tea is a sensational way to celebrate the change in the season and shake off...
Lion & Lamb Tea

March comes in like a lion . . .

This springtime menu holds the promise of spring on a blustery winter day.
A Citrus Sampler Tea

A Citrus Sampler Tea

Rejuvenate your senses by hosting a tea party replete with treats that highlight the best of winter fruits.  Warm and Inspiring Citrus Use citrus as the...
A Valentine's Day Tea for friens

Celebrate True Friends on Valentine’s Day

For Valentine's Day, share your love of tea with your best friends.

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