Apple Hand Pies

These flaky pie pockets are filled with a thick applesauce and adorned with pretty apple cutouts, turning comforting apple pie into a beautiful tea treat.
Lime Petit Fours

Lime Petits Fours

Let us show you how to take a basic pound cake recipe and turn it into Lime Petits Fours. Then graciously accept the compliments from your guests.
Cherry Cheesecake Bars

Cherry Cheesecake Bars

These Cherry Cheesecake Bars boast a beautiful cherry swirl that make them just as beautiful as they are tasty. Save Recipe Print...

Buttermilk Tartlets

Topped with fresh strawberry slices, these sweet tartlets are a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.
PB&J Macarons

PB&J Macarons

Peanut butter and apple jelly macarons are a delicious treat to end your teatime on a sweet note.  From TeaTime, September/October 2015 Discover more seasonal...
How-To make Strawberry Maypole Cupcakes

Strawberry Maypole Cupcakes

These pretty Strawberry Maypole Cupcakes are garnished with an easy DIY maypole and ribbons that give a special touch. Save Recipe Print ...

Chocolate-Mascarpone Tartlets

Shortbread shells, creamy filling, and mini kiwi slices create toothsome Chocolate-Mascarpone Tartlets. Save Recipe Print Chocolate-Mascarpone Tartlets ...
Triple-Layer Brownies

Triple-Layer Brownies

Indulge in rich, gooey layers of dark chocolate and peanut butter with these decadent Triple-Layer Brownies. Save Recipe Print Triple-Layer Brownies...
Linzer Cookie with Mango Curd

Linzer Cookies with Mango Curd

Linzer Cookies with Mango Curd pictured with Blondie Bites with Cherry Preserves.  Save Recipe Print Linzer Cookies with Mango Curd ...

Chocolate-Cherry Phyllo Cups

Decadent Chocolate Whipped Cream and sweet cherry preserves create scrumptious Chocolate-Cherry Phyllo Cups.  Save Recipe Print Chocolate-Cherry Phyllo Cups ...

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