Lemon Cake

Let this traditional English Lemon Cake, layered with lemon curd and candied citrus fruit, become the star of your Christmas menu.
Caramel-Banana Mini Cakes

Caramel-Banana Mini Cakes

These Caramel-Banana Mini Cakes are scrumptious small bites of goodness. Caramel-Banana Mini Cakes pictured with Orange-Glazed Sweet Potato Tartlets.  Save Recipe Print...
White Chocolate-Vanilla Baby Éclairs

White Chocolate-Vanilla Baby Éclairs

Made from choux dough, these petite versions of the classic oblong French pastry are filled with Vanilla Pastry Cream that has secretly been tinted...

Toffee-Walnut Cookies

These tasty cookies have toothsome bits of toffee and walnut. From TeaTime, March/April 2016
Tuxedo Cookies

“I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear” Tuxedo Cookies

These “I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear” Tuxedo Cookies are adorable and delicious. Save Recipe Print “I Just Wanna Be...
Easter Mendiants

Easter Mendiants

These Easter Mendiants are full of rich flavor from white chocolate, roasted pistachios, dried apricot, and crystalized ginger. Pictured with Vanilla-Tangerine Panna Cottas. Save Recipe Print Easter Mendiants...

Chocolate-Pecan Derby Tartlets

The flavors and texture of the historic Derby Pie are transformed into tartlets, perfect for teatime.   From TeaTime May/June 2009 Discover more seasonal recipes, table settings, and...
Earl Grey Truffles

Earl Grey Truffles

Steeping cream with Earl Grey tea lends a citrusy flavor to these chocolate truffles.  From TeaTime November/December 2013

Raspberry Roulade

For an elegant treat at afternoon tea, serve this exquisite Raspberry Roulade.
Coconut Cake with White Chocolate Ganache

Coconut Cake with White Chocolate Ganache

This dreamy Coconut Cake with White Chocolate Ganache is the perfect sweet ending for your summer afternoon tea menus. Save Recipe Print ...

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