Treasured Teapot: Old English Beauty

Treasured Teapot: Old English Beauty

The floral illustrations depicted on Johnson Brothers’ Eastbourne (Old English) teapot adapt to a table set for a summertime celebration.
5 Pretty Floral Teapots for Spring

5 Pretty Floral Teapots for Spring

When spring finally arrives after a long winter, we excitedly welcome everything that comes with the glorious season: beautiful blooms, lovely weather, and, of...
The Complete Table: Buds and Blooms

The Complete Table: Buds and Blooms

Spode Romney makes a lovely focal point for a springtime tea. Different types of flora have served as a muse for paintings, symbolism in literary...
Treasured Teapot: Ravishing Repoussage

Treasured Teapot: Ravishing Repoussage

Text by Britt Crawford • Photography by Jim Bathie Kirk Stieff Silver’s Ram’s Head teapot displays the impressive metalwork technique. Translated to “pushed up,” repoussé or...
Brown Betty teapots are a part of British history

The Little Teapot That Could

Holding a Brown Betty teapot is like holding a bit of British history in your hand.
Collector's Corner: An Accidental Collection

Collector’s Corner: An Accidental Collection

My journey from tea drinker to teapot lover Text and Photography by Unjeria Jackson, M.D My passion for collecting teapots and drinking tea takes me back...

Treasured Teapot: Fancy This

Text by Britt E. Stafford • Photography by John O'Hagan For a beautiful, seasonal accessory, incorporate a James Sadler and Sons Ltd. 1562 teapot into...

Treasured Teapot: Autumn’s Golden Light

Text by Britt E. Stafford • Photography by John O’Hagan Let the glistening details of this James Sadler teapot shine at tables set with rich...
Collector's Corner: Perfectly Sized

Collector’s Corner: Perfectly Sized

A Collection of Petite Tea Sets Text by Catherine Lawrence • Photography by William Dickey My miniature tea set collection began when my youngest son was...
An English Classic

The Complete Table: An English Classic

Royal Albert’s Old Country Roses is the best-selling bone china pattern in the world. In 1962, the Royal Albert Company introduced a new china pattern...

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