Brown Betty teapots are a part of British history

The Little Teapot That Could

Holding a Brown Betty teapot is like holding a bit of British history in your hand.

5 Stunning Teapots for Summer

Afternoon tea in the summer beckons bright and beautiful tablescapes, fresh fare, and gorgeous teapots that truly take our breath away. From colorful and...

Mending Vintage Porcelain

Long before the invention of epoxy glue, craftsmen used a variety of techniques to repair porcelain.
Treasured Teapot: Perennial Rose

Treasured Teapot: Perennial Rose

Text by Britt Crawford • Photography by John O’Hagan Royal Doulton’s Centennial Rose presents a timeless rosy motif idyllic for a springtide table. Since Royal Doulton’s...
Essential Tea Table Extras

Essential Tea-Table Extras: The History of Dainty Accoutrements

by Jane Pettigrew • Photography Courtesy of Replacements, Ltd. The prettiest tea tables are always dressed with exquisite porcelain teacups and saucers, fine silver teaspoons, little linen...
5 Pretty Floral Teapots for Spring

5 Pretty Floral Teapots for Spring

When spring finally arrives after a long winter, we excitedly welcome everything that comes with the glorious season: beautiful blooms, lovely weather, and, of...
The Complete Table: Buds and Blooms

The Complete Table: Buds and Blooms

Spode Romney makes a lovely focal point for a springtime tea. Different types of flora have served as a muse for paintings, symbolism in literary...
The Complete Table: Setting the Table with Family Heirlooms

The Complete Table: Setting the Table with Family Heirlooms

The late 19th and early 20th centuries, no china company was more popular among American brides than Haviland. The company, founded in 1842 by American...
Coming Up Roses

The Complete Table: Coming Up Roses

The chintz pattern first arrived in Europe from India in the early 17th century in the form of brightly printed calico fabric with vibrant...
The Complete Table Hearts and Flowers

The Complete Table: Hearts and Flowers

A pretty Royal Crown Derby pattern from the past finds new life in a new millennium. The delicate geometric designs and stylized hearts and flowers of...

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