Merry TeaTime Holiday Guide

Delight your Yuletide afternoon tea guests with our Merry TeaTime Holiday Guide. This collection will help you create the party perfect favors, place cards, napkins, and centerpieces for...
4 Tips to Create Tasteful Tablescapes  

4 Tips to Create Tasteful Tablescapes  

A well-dressed table is an essential feature of a successful tea party. Utilize our helpful tips to create tasteful tablescapes for your next big...

Anteaques Tea

“Tea is the only simple pleasure left to us.”—Oscar Wilde Turn back time with vintage china and a menu reminiscent of eras when afternoon...
The Complete Table: Buds and Blooms

The Complete Table: Buds and Blooms

Spode Romney makes a lovely focal point for a springtime tea. Different types of flora have served as a muse for paintings, symbolism in literary...

Delicious Ways to Honor Mom

Delicate bone china, pretty spring flowers, and delicious recipes add up to a wonderful way to celebrate mom on Mother's Day.
May Day Tea

May Day Tea

“The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” —Edwin Way Teale April showers bring May flowers, or so they say. And...
The Complete Table: Bold and Elegant

The Complete Table: Bold and Elegant

Royal Albert Lady Hamilton is the star of any table. Emma, Lady Hamilton, was a notorious figure in 18th-century England, and her namesake pattern from...
The Complete Table Hearts and Flowers

The Complete Table: Hearts and Flowers

A pretty Royal Crown Derby pattern from the past finds new life in a new millennium. The delicate geometric designs and stylized hearts and flowers of...
5 Inspiring Autumn Tea Tablescapes

5 Inspiring Autumn Tablescapes

Get inspired ideas for setting an autumn table for tea.
Outdoor Tea Party

Throw a Buffet-Style Outdoor Tea Party

Warm summer evenings call for a casual buffet-style outdoor tea party.

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