An English Classic

The Complete Table: An English Classic

Royal Albert’s Old Country Roses is the best-selling bone china pattern in the world. In 1962, the Royal Albert Company introduced a new china pattern...

Knives for the Tea Table

Knives, whether adorned with ivory, silver, sterling, or mother-of-pearl, add unique charm and practical function to the tea table.


Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, teapots are highly collectible useful treasures with a fascinating history.
Notable Wares for Tea

TeaTime 15: Notable Wares for Tea

Just as the tea industry has grown and modernized over the centuries, so have the teawares and utensils designed specifically for brewing or serving...
The Complete Table Hearts and Flowers

The Complete Table: Hearts and Flowers

A pretty Royal Crown Derby pattern from the past finds new life in a new millennium. The delicate geometric designs and stylized hearts and flowers of...
The Chitra Collection: Stunning Silver Wares

The Chitra Collection: Stunning Silver Wares

Text by Jane Pettigrew • Photography Courtesy of N Sethia Foundation The wealthy have always liked to demonstrate their standing in society by acquiring beautiful objects...

Our Favorite Blue and White Teapots

Check out favorite blue and white teapots from the pages of TeaTime.
The Three-Tier Cake Stand

The Three-Tier Cake Stand

By Jane Pettigrew Today’s tea tables almost always feature a tiered cake stand that elegantly displays an eye-catching array of mouthwatering sandwiches, scones, and pastries....
Essential Tea Table Extras

Essential Tea-Table Extras: The History of Dainty Accoutrements

by Jane Pettigrew • Photography Courtesy of Replacements, Ltd. The prettiest tea tables are always dressed with exquisite porcelain teacups and saucers, fine silver teaspoons, little linen...
The Chitra Collection: European Porcelains

The Chitra Collection: European Porcelains

Text by Jane Pettigrew • Photography Courtesy of N Sethia Foundation Once the recipe for the production of porcelain had been discovered in Germany in...

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