The Complete Table Hearts and Flowers

The Complete Table: Hearts and Flowers

A pretty Royal Crown Derby pattern from the past finds new life in a new millennium. The delicate geometric designs and stylized hearts and flowers of...
An English Classic

The Complete Table: An English Classic

Royal Albert’s Old Country Roses is the best-selling bone china pattern in the world. In 1962, the Royal Albert Company introduced a new china pattern...
Notable Wares for Tea

TeaTime 15: Notable Wares for Tea

Just as the tea industry has grown and modernized over the centuries, so have the teawares and utensils designed specifically for brewing or serving...
Tea Cups: From Pretty to Practical  

Tea Cups: From Pretty to Practical  

The teacup stands equally as a trademark of make-believe tea parties of early childhood and the focal point of the most sophisticated formal afternoon...

The Chitra Collection: British and European Pottery and Stoneware

Text by Jane Pettigrew • Photography Courtesy of N Sethia Foundation European producers of ceramic wares were fascinated by the exquisite beauty and fine quality...
The Three-Tier Cake Stand

The Three-Tier Cake Stand

By Jane Pettigrew Today’s tea tables almost always feature a tiered cake stand that elegantly displays an eye-catching array of mouthwatering sandwiches, scones, and pastries....
Tea Towels: More Than Decoration

Tea Towels: More Than Decoration

Since its humble beginnings as a drying cloth, the tea towel has taken its place around a loaf of freshly baked bread, as a...
Collector's Corner: Perfectly Sized

Collector’s Corner: Perfectly Sized

A Collection of Petite Tea Sets Text by Catherine Lawrence • Photography by William Dickey My miniature tea set collection began when my youngest son was...
The Chitra Collection: Tea Wares of Japan

The Chitra Collection: Tea Wares of Japan

Text by Jane Pettigrew • Photography Courtesy of N Sethia Foundation The third article about the collection of historic teawares owned by the N Sethia Foundation...


Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, teapots are highly collectible useful treasures with a fascinating history.

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