Grandparents Day Tea Celebration

Make it a grand celebration!

Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and PawPaw, Memee and Pop—whatever you call your grandparents, you know that they have always been your biggest fans, the best role models, and your oldest friends. Show them how much you care by inviting them to a Grandparents Tea on Grandsparents Day, Sunday, September 12.


  1. Thanks for the napkin folding. I do two teas each Christmas and need ideas. Above all, thanks for the return of Victoria to the magazine stands. I missed you so much when you left, and read the old copies over and over again. (P.S. each plane ride I take, you are on board with me.)Again thanks for truly beautiful and good to read, magazine.

    Here is the correction on my last posting. Thank for checking first.


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