The Chitra Collection: Stunning Silver Wares

The Chitra Collection: Stunning Silver Wares
A sharkskin, velvet, and silver tea chest holds three silver caddies created in 1772 by English silversmith John Swift. Two of the three were intended for two different types of tea and the middle one for sugar. All three are decorated with fine intricate chasing in the rococo style that was so fashionable in the 18th century.

The first silver teapot made in England would have been taken for a coffee pot (tall, straight-sided, and cylindrical) were it not for the engraved inscription: 

Siluer tea Pott was presented to ye Comtte / of ye East India Cumpany by ye Right Honoue / George Lord Berkeley of Berkeley Castle / A member of that Honourable & worthy Society and A True Hearty Louer of them 1670.


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