Collector’s Corner: An Accidental Collection

Collector's Corner: An Accidental Collection
Gift from my parents, Japan, post 1920. Photograph courtesy of Unjeria Jackson, M.D.

Many people have gifted teapots to me also. One of my first teapots was a gift from my parents, so it holds a very special place in my collection.

I could not stop hunting for more teapots to acquire. My pursuit has taken me to more antiques stores, antiques shows, flea markets, garage sales, and craft shows than I can count. The choices are endless. I have teapots from around the world, many of which have been purchased during my travels. And, if available, I always find somewhere to take tea, be it a traditional English afternoon tea in London, a Chinese tea service in Singapore or Hong Kong, a Japanese tea ceremony in Tokyo, or a Turkish-style tea experience in Istanbul. They were all very special and exciting, and I have dragged my husband along on many of these excursions.

Collector's Corner: An Accidental Collection
Gourd-shaped Yixing teapot, China, 19th century. Photograph courtesy of Unjeria Jackson, M.D.

It has truly been a great adventure taking an interest and developing it into the fabulous collection of teapots that I now have. In fact, I now own about 2,000 teapots, which are made of just about any material imaginable— bone china, porcelain, stoneware, silver, silver-plated, copper, brass, cast iron, pewter, tin, wood, and glass. They are all so beautiful—true eye-candy to me. Many are unusual, and some are works of art that have lost their utility as functional teapots.