Collector’s Corner: My English Teapot Collection

My English Teapot Collection
Three commemorative teapots from the late 1990s, left to right: Sadler Elizabeth I Pattern 4442, James Sadler Landmarks Royal Albert Hall, and James Sadler Horseguards.

An array of vintage and contemporary treasures

Text by Eileen Bostick • Photography by Jim Bathie

Tea has been a pleasant part of my life ever since I was a small child enjoying Cambric tea with my mother. Our family history made tea a natural part of our lives. Mother’s parents, originally from Scotland, moved to London when she was very young. From there, they moved to Canada. My father’s family, of English heritage, lived in Canada. My grandmothers and aunts always served afternoon tea when I visited them. I really admired their fine English teapots. Often, they prepared special treats to serve with tea, and at other times digestive biscuits accompanied the tea.

I was introduced to tearooms during my visits to Canada and in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. At that time, the department stores had tearooms where mothers and daughters enjoyed tea dressed in their Sunday best. I have been fortunate to enjoy afternoon tea in elegant settings such as London, Toronto, Hong Kong, Cairo, Sydney, and Istanbul. I have also enjoyed tea at cozy little shops in quaint villages. What a variety of tea spots I have observed!



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